Celebrating Life with Tula

At last, an affordable and easy to use online obituary platform that you control. Notify your friends and loved ones in a timely manner.

Obituaries & Announcements

Upload a death, appreciation or anniversary announcement and share the same direct to your contacts via social media, text message or e-mail.

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Notification to All Friends

Notify well-wishers of the unfortunate event, send and share messages of condolence, photos and short videos as a tribute to the Departed.

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Fundraise for Your Funeral

Fundraise for your loved ones funeral expenses or medical expenses directly to an Mpesa Paybill number and share on WhatsApp or Social Media

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About the Tula App

Tula™ app is an alternative way of more affordably announcing of death, funeral, appreciation or anniversary of a loved one. It enables you to reach and involve the audience of your choice by way of text message, email and/or social media.

Download the TULA™ App for Kshs 105.00 and upload and share death related announcements or arrangements with whomever you choose all at a cost of Kshs 6,000.00.