15 Easy Ways to Raise Funds for Funerals in Kenya

Funerals in Kenya

The fact is that death is part and parcel of the journey of life. The emotional toll of losing a loved one is one of the most painful and devastating experiences. This is especially true for funerals in Kenya.

The fact of the matter is that funerals are expensive. At times you have unsaid pressure of giving your loved one a respectful send-off. Which would cost a lot more, because of their uncleared hospital bill. The cost of funerals in Kenya can be high. Emotionally and financially.

Instead of having friends and relatives gather at your place every day. Here are 15 fun ways that you can spice up the funeral fundraising that will help you raise more money faster. To clear the hospital bills or give your loved one a respectful send-off.

Do a Harambee – They Always Work


The Harambee concept is well known in the African setup. This is how it works. When you need financial support, gather the entire community together for the fundraising.

It is more advisable to get a trusted relative or friend to spearhead the fundraising. They gather friends and relatives together to help raise the funds to cover the funeral expenses.

The use of digital currencies has advanced and more people have adapted to it. For transparency purposes, Instead of the money being sent to someone’s phone number. You can always ensure that the funds are in one basket.

You can use Tula App, they will provide you a Mpesa pay bill number, that way you get to track down all the raised funds.

This gives your family a pathway to closure without having to worry about finances.

T-shirts sale – Works Well With the Youth

You can commemorate the life of your loved one by designing t-shirts. To make it fun, you can decide whether to imprint their face, name, a quote they used to love to say or their life mantra. The whole point is to have a little bit of them carry on in the life of the living.

The difficult part of your job will be to organize with someone that is in the business of printing T-shirts. They get to choose the design and color of printing and deliver them to you at a wholesale price once they are ready.

Later on, you buy items at a wholesale price and get people who are coming to support you to buy at a higher price.

You can always request your relatives to resell the T-shirts to the people who are coming for Harambee.

The beauty of this is that people get to see a tangible value for their money. Also, they can be used on the upcoming fundraising events if the target amount has not been achieved.

Public Announcement

One of the major challenges that you might be facing is notifying people of the loss of a loved one. If they weren’t famous, chances are the news of their demise might not spread as fast.

If you have fundraising, then you want the relevant people to know and take part in it.

The best way to go about this is by using the TULA App. It will allow you to announce the loss of your loved one to those who knew the deceased.It’s also a great platform to inform people of the dates when the fundraising takes place so that they can plugin. The App allows people to send their contributions through the pay bill number provided by Tula.

Tula App Funeral Costs
You could consider using newspapers and radio stations to place your obituary and inform people of the fundraising. The bad thing about this method is that it’s not targeted to the right audience. Everyone gets your message, but not the people whom you would want to communicate.

What I dislike about this method is the fact that it’s an expensive form of advertising. Because you currently have other expenses that need to be cleared.

The last thing that you might do is throwing away money is non-effective channels of communication. you can explore other options that are there in the market such as TULA App that will save you a shilling.

4. Hold a Tree Planting Event


One great way of celebrating life is by planting a tree.

You can bring people together, contribute an amount for seedlings, and funeral expenses.

Select a day that the activity would take place and inform everyone who would want to plugin.

If you live in a great neighborhood that allows you to plant or has land for planting trees, that will be perfect. If not, you can liaise with the school or even a forest within your vicinity to go and plant the trees.

What I love most about this idea is that your loved one transforms from being a human and lives in nature as a tree.

5. Hold Hug-a-grams


This is my favorite one. This is how it works; you sell hugs to the bereaved family. It’s what we would do in the scenario of a handshake when someone greets you with an envelope that carrying cash.

Cost of Funerals in Kenya

When your family is going through a loss. A hug is what you need to be reassured that it’s all going to be okay. Also, it will give you strength when your friends and family being there buying hugs.

You get the comfort and assurances that people who love you will surround you with love. When it comes to hug a gram, let people know that they can buy hugs from you. Later on, they can distribute it to their friends and family who weren’t able to meet you in person.

Consider, include a personalized message on a note, informing the other person that the hug comes from you.

It would be amazing to get all your friends and family members pumped up about purchasing hugs from you. One will gladly remove the big amount of money from their pockets for the hugs.

This is one of the fun and fast ways of raising money.

6. Give It Up Fundraiser

Health is a big deal when it comes to people’s lives. Everyone is aware of that at the back of their minds, yet we indulge in things that we are not supposed to be doing.

Your friends probably save up money for the pizzas and Java coffees and other junk stuff that are bad to our body yet so sweet in the mouth.

Encouraging people to give up on some of these things. It’s a great way for them to sacrifice a little bit of themselves and give you the money to cater for your expenses.

It might not be an easy ask for people to give up their bad habits. okay, maybe not so bad. when and if they can give up that terrific Tuesday pizza or after-party drinks. instead, help you raise funds to cater for your funeral expenses.

The beauty of this is that it gives people a great opportunity to support you. It’s one of the perfect ways to raise funds for a funeral in Kenya.  When people start telling you that finances are tight and they cannot support you. Requesting them to give up some of their habits might see you raise the target amount fast

7. Live concerts and partnerships

The fact of the matter is that Kenyans do love to party, they never miss out on a fun event and they will tag friends along.

If you want more people to show up on your fundraising event, you can hold a concert in the memory of your loved one.

All that you need to do is to hire or partner up with a local artist. One who plays a genre of music that your loved one used to enjoy most, it could be rock, jazz, reggae or even Lingala.

Organize the concert in the hood, where you live or where the deceased lived.

You could charge for the entrance of the event and let the community members know the whole aim of the concert. That way they get to support you. They could buy some of the merchandise being sold outside such as the t-shirts, caps and water bottles

It’s important to ensure there is clear communication during the concert. Since once the party starts guys might forget the whole aim of the event. It’s important to keep on reminding people that the pay bill numbers are still open. They can continue making their contributions. that way you don’t limit people on the amount that they get to remove to support you

This is the most demanding way of raising funds because of all the details and planning involved in it. When everything is well. allow yourself to have fun and enjoy the hard work that you are doing all to give your loved one a respectful send-off.

Yes, it is allowed to feel sad and mourn, but remember to live and laugh a little.

8. Walkathon

Memorial Walks and runs are a great way of your community to support your fundraising.

  • Dab the walkathon

If the deceased was suffering from health issues and died while fighting the disease. This could be heart disease, cancer, diabetes, HIV and Aids or even road accidents.

You can dab the walk as a walk against cancer in memory of so and so…

The whole point is to sensitize people on the existence of that predicament. Create awareness of the disease while encouraging people to live a healthier life

  • Share your journey: stories sell

This could be a great way for the bereaved family to share the challenges they had to face. From visiting the different hospitals, trying to get better treatment or taking loans to pay for the hospital bills.

In the long run, their loved one still died and now they are left with the nightmare of clearing hospital bills

You could even decide to share more stories of how this particular time has been difficult for you guys as a family.

Because if there is one thing that I know from being a content manager is that Stories sell, people buy stories. If you want to raise more funds and reach your intended goal faster, consider sharing your story.

People will now not only be giving to help you cover the funeral expenses. But they will be giving to your pain and agony and so much more

  • Confirm the locations and timings

Ensure that you have confirmed the locations in advanced and informed the participants. It’s important too to give people the freedom to choose whether to run a 5 km or a 10 km walk in the memory of your loved one.

Lastly, decide whether you want to finish off at your loved one best place to hang out. This could be a church or a particular bar or restaurant or even home.

  • Don’t forget to sell the merchandise

This is a great place to sell the t-shirts that you had printed out, it will give uniformity toward the walkathon. It shows that people are with you in the long run. Even after the death, which might in turn even give you the strength to move on from the loss of your loved one.

10. Host a Walk-and-Paw-a-Thon

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. if the deceased family had a dog it would be nice to host a walk and paw a thon with the dogs.

This is a good way to give the dog a chance to grieve the loss of their master and friend.

a. Let other dogs join in

If your neighbors have dogs, make sure that they bring them out for this particular event. it would be a nice experience to bond with the dogs.

the truth is that walking with them makes the whole exercise much easier.

plus dogs have a way of making people happier

b. Leash + water stations

One important thing to note is that ensure that all the dogs are on a leash.

the last thing that you would want is dealing with cases of dogs biting other people.

Lastly do remember to keep water stations for dogs and humans. because everyone must remain hydrated.

11. Sell Custom Water Bottles


Everybody knows that they required to drink at least 8 liters of water. for no plain reason, most of us don’t do that.

Having water bottles during the walkathons can be a great way to promote the message of good health.

Ensure that you work with a wholesaler who supplies good quality water bottles. you can choose to brand them something that the deceased used to love. I am against the whole idea of printing dead people’s faces on the bottles. Because this will make people sadder especially after the whole funeral over.

12. Lantern release

A lantern release is a good way of bringing people together who had interacted with the deceased.

it allows people to take a moment and self reflects on how the deceased had changed their lives. Then they get the opportunity to release their lanterns

Fundraising in Kenya

This a good way for the deceased to live afresh in their memories, for a second. Then you get to release whatever it is that you are holding on in your heart as you release your lantern.

One important thing to note is that you can decide to sell the lanterns individually. The other option is for people to make generous donations that will cover the expenses

Just make sure that people remember the whole aim of the event is to raise funds. Because this particular detail might get a bit emotional, which is good for you.

13. Social media To Reduce the Cost of Funerals in Kenya


This is an easy way of letting people know that you are bereaved and you require the assistance of raising cash to cater to the funeral/hospital expenses.

Beauty is that it’s easy and does not require that much of a hassle or planning.

when you go to Facebook

  1. go to the fundraiser’s sections.
  2. select the amount that you would want to raise
  3. the reason why you need assistance

and now let the magic happen on its own.

the other way that you can go about this is that:

  1. Create a poster with details and information on why you need help raising funds
  2. Include the pay bill number
  3. Share this particular poster across your social media pages
  4. Request friends to share with their friends to help you raise the money by spreading the news faster

14. Host a Memorial Dinner


This is a great way for friends and family members to gather recollect memories between them and the deceased who has just passed away. during the whole process, guys can raise money toward clearing the funeral expenses that might still be there.

also, would be great if you can request for people to bring their food, or donate food. that way it is cooked by the aunties who love to keep themselves busy in the kitchen and everyone gets to share.

Another way that you could explore this is to hire an outside catering to prepare the dinner then, let guys pay a minimum of a certain amount. since you are contributing to the cash to set off your expenses you wouldn’t want the extra burden of bills to clear.

15. Text to Give


Doing events and bring people together can be exhausting and hectic most of the time.

when you are not able to hold events because

A. you don’t have the strength of dealing with all the logistics


B. you are feeling too tired or sad to even met up with people

All you can do is as simple as text people to give towards the whole point they are raising.

A great platform is that you can take advantage of is an app such as Tula.

it allows you to send a broadcast message to everyone who knew the bereaved. Inform them of the fundraising and they can easily support you through the pay bill number that was made available for you.

Final thoughts


Processing the death of your loved one is one of the most difficult things that you could go through. if you or someone you know is going through a loss, the team here at TULA wants to let you know that we grieve with you.

For the above 15 ways, it would be best to get a trusted relative to support you organize all the necessary logistics.

All we wish for you is a peace of mind

One last thing if you tried any of the above, you can always let us know through our social media pages or email

We would love to hear from you.

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