How To Plan For Your Own Funeral

death and funeral announcement

Most people hate the whole entire conversation about death and funerals. We tend to shy away from it as if it’s not part of life. Or it does not exist. But at some point in life we either lose a loved one or someone that we know then we are forced to go through the turmoil of preparing their funeral. 

death and funeral announcement

It is hard and difficult as it is for us to plan for other people’s funerals. For a change, you could try planning your own funeral. That way you give your family members and loved one an easier time.

You might find this concept creepy and might even shy off from the whole entire thought of doing it. 

It’s not like you are obsessed by the death for me to write such an article but it is good for you to start prepping for your death. The fact is that none of us is coming out of life alive. 

News flash: We are all going to die.

Here are tips to help you plan for your own funeral

Get To Know What’s Involved

death and funeral announcement

In order for you to be able to plan for a funeral then you need to learn what is involved. 

This are the two major things that go into arranging funerals

A . Preparing The Corpse 

death and funeral announcement
tula app funeral planning

You can decide whether you want your body to be cremated or you could go with the option of getting your whole entire body buried. Or you could even decide you want to donate your organs to science.

You could decide whether you want people to view your dead body or not.

B. Holding The Ceremony

You could decide whether you want a whole entire service at a funeral center or at the church. You could also decide to have it in your home to save up on the costs for paying a venue.

 You could also decide whether you want a graveyard or any other option that might be available like being carried by the sea or ocean.

c. Guests

You could decide the people whom you want to be at your funeral and those whom you wouldn’t want to show up at your funeral.

It gives you a better chance to choose whom you want to speak at your funeral. you could even decide to have a pre-plan for your funeral before the actual funeral happens. That way it gives you the opportunity to hear the sweet last words that people would have said if you were truly dead.

All this planning in advance enabled you to have more like a peace of mind for your death.

Plan in Advance, But Don’t Pay in Advance

It’s a bad idea for you to buy a funeral package before you actually die, in spite of the fact that funerals home will give you a promise that if you buy it now before your actual funeral it will be much cheaper or that they will give you a good deal.

death and funeral announcement

When you are pre-planning for your funeral is completely different from pre-paying in your funeral.

 If you pay for your funeral before your death. You might end up losing money, because when you cancel, they probably do not have a refundable policy. Or you might take a really long time to die and then you may be in need of the money and you can’t get it back. Which I guarantee that the feeling will suck.

Find Out What The Average Costs Are.

death and funeral announcement


It’s important to know all the items in your funeral costs.

This will give you an idea of how to pay, from the cost of casket, clothes you will wear, paying the burial grounds to the final hearse ride to the cemetery.

This way you get to save up the entire expense of your funeral. Plus, you relieve your loved ones from the humiliation of fundraising just to give you a respectable send off.

Shop Around.

Funerals can be very expensive. Therefore you need to treat your funeral like a large purchase that you are making for your life. 

If you are planning to buy a car, you wouldn’t buy it from the first dealership that you interact with. In the same way, do not buy a funeral without checking what the other funeral homes have to offer.

You could call the funeral homes that have websites or even their contacts online, just to get a quote of how much it would cost you. Eventually you would realize that it might save you a few thousand shillings simply by taking the step further to know what other offer is in the market.

Buy Only What You Want.

Funeral homes are in the business of making profits, and at times their packages include things that are not necessary.

death and funeral announcement

You don’t have to buy the entire package that funeral homes will sell to you. You don’t need to buy everything from the funeral home. What you can do is that you can unbundle the package that they are selling you, and only select the items that you want for your funeral. Then get the total cost of how much that will cost you. You will realize that you will save up a few thousand bobs.

If you want to save big time. Then buying flowers and casket from somewhere else might save you a couple thousand shillings

Talk It Over And Write It Down.

It’s important to involve your loved ones by telling them the kind of funeral that you want. Let them know how much it will cost you and how you are planning to take care of the expenses.

death and funeral announcement

This removes the pressure of them going above and beyond giving you a fancy funeral. Which might cause them to go broke. Yet it wasn’t your wish.

Having this conversation with your loved ones simply makes them as part of the process of your death. Make sure that you do not burn them with being too specific with your funeral plans.

Final Thoughts

Be realistic. Be simple. That way your family does not leave with the burden of guilt. Simply because they did not give you the funeral of your dreams. 

Make sure that they know that It is OKAY, if they are not able to tick everything off your death list.

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