Top 10 Benefits of Using Tula App

death and funeral announcement in kenya

Tula is here to revolutionize how we handle grief and the loss of a loved one. Here are the top ten benefits of making your funeral announcement using the Tula app instead of going to the newspapers.


1. Tula is Affordable


Anytime you need to announce the death of your loved one, the Tula app allows you to effectively communicate with the people who matter most to you.

The cost of posting a death and funeral announcement on the Tula App is way cheaper compared to using other means such as the newspapers and the radio. You get to save up to ten times the amount you would pay up in the newspapers.

When you make your death and funeral announcement using Tula you get to save money that can be used to offset some of the funeral bills.

2. Tula is Convenient

Tula app allows you to celebrate your deceased respectably.

Instead of announcing the death of your loved one is small spaces in the newspapers. With Tula app, you get a good amount of space to announce the death of your loved one. Attach their photos, that way everybody gets to celebrate them.

3. Friends & Family Plugin

Anytime that you are bereaved understand that you are not the only person who lost a loved one.

death and funeral announcement in kenya

Other people lost a brother, a sister, a mother, a father, a husband, a best friend, a wife. The people in your community lost someone too. Your friends and family member’s lost a part of them. The truth is that the deceased meant the whole world to them. 

Tula app allows your friends and relatives to mourn, and share their photos with the ones that they took with the deceased while they were still alive.

Nothing is more powerful, as knowing as there are people who mourn with you. This will give you the strength and the courage you need to move on with life.

4. Funeral Planning

Anytime there is a funeral. A lot of planning tends to be taking place. With people meeting in different whats-app groups, a tea room in the CBD, at your place in the evening after work hours.

With all the activities going on in the background everyone needs to be on the same page. Tula app allows you to communicate all the important announcements that you might need to make in between the funeral. 

Also, this gives friends and family members a good opportunity to know when to plug in and help you out. The best part of it all is that everyone is on the same page. They are all aware of the ongoing funeral plans.

5. One Time Off Fee

There is a time during funerals, that you will need to make more than one announcement. Especially if there happen to be changes made to the burial date and venue or even if another fundraising needs to be done, for you guys to offset the hospital bills.

Tula app allows you to make that unlimited announcement without charging you any additional extra costs.

If you were making your funeral announcement using the newspaper, then any additional announcement will mean that you will be charged the extra amount. This of course further drives up the costs associated with this particular aspect of having to conduct a funeral.

death and funeral announcement in kenya

With Tula, however, once the first announcement has been paid for (Ksh 6,000), no additional charges will be incurred for any further announcements relating to the same funeral.

The cost will remain at Ksh. 6,000 even if several different announcements are made for the same funeral for example sometimes a death announcement with no funeral date may be made, followed by another once the funeral and memorial service dates have been agreed upon and yet another as a means of showing appreciation after the funeral. All these would have to be paid for separately if they were made via newspaper; not so with Tula.

6. Tula App is Effective

Tula app has sharing features that make it very efficient and effective when it comes to getting the message out to those that matter most.

When you lose a loved one, you are extremely vulnerable. In as much as you need your friends to support you do not need everybody, especially the people whom you don’t know to come to your funeral.

Tula app allows you to make your announcement directly to the people who knew the deceased. Instead of making your denouncement in the newspapers, where everybody, most of them being people that you don’t know.

Instead of spending money in announcing to people who don’t care about you. Tula app allows you to directly communicate to the people who know you love you and care about you. That way they get to respond promptly and come and support you.

 ​​​​​​7. Funeral Fundraising

Tula app has a convenient link to allow for the acquisition of a temporary Safaricom Pay Bill number to assist with any fundraising events.

If you need to raise money to offset some of your hospital and funeral costs. All you will have to do is a request for a pay bill number. Later on, you can share it with your friends and family members and they can all make their contributions in one place. 

death and funeral announcement in kenya

Instead of having people make their contributions to the kiondos/ buckets at home. You have no idea if the money that is placed in it is the actual amount of money raised. Or someone slipped some into their pockets.

This is Kenya. Stealing tends to be very common. Though I am not accusing anyone of anything. The thing is that Tula gives you the peace of mind to know that all the amount that was raised and see the expenditure of that money.

Also, if you need to raise more funds, and people cannot show up to the physical funeral fundraising. then they can easily send in their contribution and get to support you.

8. Receive Messages of Condolences

Mourners/receivers of a shared announcement can download the Tula app and use it to respond to the announcement by further sharing it with others and/or sending a message of condolence/tribute to the bereaved.

Other than just text, these could even be by way of photos and short videos all of which could go towards assisting in celebrating the life of the departed.

It is important when you receive your friends’ heartfeltly sympathies for the loss. In your time of grief, it is important to have the love of family members. Knowing that they are equally deeply saddened to hear of your loss and they bring you comfort

9. Tula App is Accessible

Tula app is a death and funeral denouncement application that can be found on your phone. This makes it accessible because it is found inside the apps on your phone, and you get to plan for everything in the comfort of your home.

death and funeral announcement in kenya

At the same time, Instead of your friends and relatives having to buy, then walk around with newspapers. All they have to do is simply download the app on their phone and they are immediately connected with all the ongoing plans. They are free to choose how it is they can plug in while sharing in their messages.

10. Tula App is Free

The best part is that Tula App is FREE. Now that you have read all the benefits of Tula App.

You get to download it from the play store and it is completely free. Instead of buying the newspaper at a price just so that you get to check the announcement of your loved one. Tula app allows you to do that completely free

Go ahead and download Tula app, upload your announcement, and share it with your friends and family members.


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