How to Get a Death Certificate in Kenya

death and funeral announcement

Once a person has passes away. It is important to prepare their death certificate which is required by the law for multiple purposes. Such as:

  1. Claiming property that belonged to the deceased
  2. The life insurance proceeds
  3. Retirement benefits
  4. Social security benefits and other benefits that belonged to the deceased.

The funeral home, or the mortuary or the company doing the cremation will prepare and file a death certificate. 

The process will involve collecting all the vital information from the family members. Getting the signature of the doctor and the other medical practitioner who were examining the deceased.

Ensure that you have the following documents ready

  1. The original Id card of the deceased
  2. Burial permit of the deceased
  3. Notification of death 

This information of the deceased must compile quickly, so that the local district registry can have records. Within three to ten days they can issue w=you with the certificate of death.

It is important to note that if the death occurred within a few months, then going to the county office, might help you get the death certificate. since they have the records on their files.

The death certificate contains important information about the person who has died such as:

  1. Their full names of the deceased that are in the national Identification card
  2. Gender
  3. Age of the deceased
  4. Occupation of the deceased
  5. Level of Education of the deceased
  6. Date and place of birth
  7. Burial permit number
  8. Date, time and place of death
  9. Cause of death
  10. burial permit number
  11. Marital status and name of living spouse, if they were married
  12. Fathers names and place of birth
  13. Mothers name and place of birth
  14. Physical address of the applicant

Ensure that the certificate of death you are issued with has an official stamp to validate that they are original. You can then use this certificate to carry out several tasks. Such as obtaining a permit for the burial to transferring the deceased persons property to inheritors

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